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Set of 4 Maki Sushi Rolls Felt Food

Set of 4 Maki Sushi Rolls Felt Food

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Satisfy your sushi cravings with this set of 4 Maki Sushi Rolls! These handsewn felt treats are perfect for pretend restaurant or kitchen play - sure to leave you hungry for more!

Items are machine washable in a gentle cycle; allow to air dry; do not bleach or iron.

Rolls measure approximately 1.25 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide.

We like to leave things a little bit vague so that you can decide what is in your sushi rolls... and because we like options! 

Options Include:
#1. White/pink, light green, dark green (like a Boston maki roll with shrimp, cucumber/celery, and avocado)
#2. White/orange, light green, dark green (like a California or New York maki roll with crab, cucumber/celery, and avocado)
#3. Cream, light pink, orange (like the colors of raw fish such as tuna, salmon, shrimp, etc and/or carrots and/or cream cheese)

Q: Are your sushi plushies pet-friendly?
A: We are often asked if our plushies are cat friendly - and this is one that is! We love that you can roll your sushi roll around in a bag of catnip and it will cling to the felt for hours of fun! Cats love batting these light lil guys around and watching them roll in all sorts of directions!

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