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Mushroom Fleece Plush

Mushroom Fleece Plush

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One adorably cute fungi!

Straight from the fairy woods to you, these fantasy mushrooms are 100% handsewn with fleece, felt accents, and lace! Soft and cuddly with a floppy rag doll-vibe!

Available in a variety of color and style combinations!
Choose your body color (tan or cream), hat color (red, golden yellow, orange, red, & more!), and your collar style (delicate frilly lace or a chunkier crocheted-look lace), and your size!

Each size has a slightly taller/thinner body and a slightly shorter/chonkier body style, which we do at random. This, and their handmade nature, means there may be small or slight measurement/design differences between each mushroom. However, there is noticeable size difference  between the large and small mushrooms. 

Please see images and listed variations for current availability.

Includes one mushroom plush of your choice (others in images are for comparisons).

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