Leaving Etsy for our own little space in the world! Welcome!

Leaving Etsy for our own little space in the world! Welcome!

Welcome to the new Live Dream Create experience!

For the last 13 years we have called Etsy our online home. It felt like a place we belonged even before we began making plushies in 2010, and was a large reason for our early success as a maker! However, like many other artists and makers, we have found the last several years to be an increasingly alienating, frustrating experience full of extra fees, damaging new policies, and ideals that stray far from what made it originally feel like the welcoming home for creatives that we used to know.

We have had our shop in “vacation” mode most of this summer while we deal with personal health issues, but also while we mull over how to move forward with our online shop space. While we have missed interacting with our customers online, we have not missed the constant stress and headaches or the outrageously high seller fees Etsy now imparts on its sellers. All summer we have watched fellow artists deal with compounding issues and shenanigans caused by Etsy, and it just doesn’t feel worth the stress and heartache anymore - we’d rather be creating and providing more/new products for our customers and fan base!

While our standalone shop won’t offer us the same discoverability (within Etsy) that Etsy used to offer in the past, it’s okay! We seriously won’t miss competing in Etsy searches with cheap, mass-produced, non-handmade/vintage items that are better suited for Temu or Amazon. We will now be able to focus more on YOU - our dear followers, customers, and collectors!

Our hope (once this new site is set up) is to be able to spend more time on creating and sewing plushies in order to bring you more new products and designs on a more consistent basis, as well as have more of each item in stock. 

While we are still putting the details together, our vision involves new aspects such as “drops” of new products on announced days/times, “shop updates” with restocks/inventory updates, more announcements via social media and email of when these events occur, as well as updates to our in-person calendar of events, and events/updates of things happening at Northside Marketplace in our retail space. We also hope to build a “gallery” of plushies/creations that allows for a look-book of past items, items currently not in stock, and/or allow art shows reviewing applications to view more of our work.

We hope that all of these things come together to make a more enjoyable shopping experience and begin building a more interactive Live Dream Create community.

We’re so sorry it took us all summer to come to these conclusions and online ordering hasn’t been readily available during that time, but we are so happy that you’re here with us as we embark on the next phase of our handmade journey!

Thank you for all of your love and support!

❤️ Krystal 

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I bought two of your plush bunnies at Con on the Cob 2023. They are adorable, and the pink one will be part of a baby shower gift for my cousin (along with a Beatrix Potter book set). I love your work!


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